How Electrical Contractors Improve Business Operations

Electrical contractors can bring a lot to the table if you know what questions to ask before they get started on your project. Learn how.

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Electricians working on an industrial power distribution center while supervisor watches. All work being performed according with industry code and safety standards.

With a land area of more than 3.5 million square miles, one may think not everyone in the U.S. has access to electricity. But no, 100% of the nation’s population has access to it.

In fact, the country ranks second when it comes to electricity consumption.

In 2017 alone, it consumed about 3.82 trillion kilowatt-hours (kWh). The commercial sector accounts for 36.6% of this.

No wonder then that electrical contracting services have become a $130-billion industry!

These figures highlight how dependent we’ve become on electricity, your business included.

But did you know that electrical contractors can do so much more for your organization?

That’s right. Electrical Contractors can bring more to your business aside from wiring-related services. With their help, you can boost business operations, which means more profits.

How exactly can they deliver these benefits though? Keep reading to find out!

New Construction with Focus on Innovative Systems

Experts estimate that by the end of this year, the construction industry would’ve had a 5% growth. The commercial sector would account for 2% of that. Office construction would be the biggest contributor in this sector.

If your business is part of this group, you’d need to contract electrical services. After all, you’d need specialists in cable design and electrical system installation.

At the least, they would set up and connect your office to the main power source. They’d map out where to place outlets, connections, electrical equipment, and fixtures. They’d also ensure proper electricity pathway routing, which helps ensure correct product selection.

More than that though, they can play a major role even before the construction begins. Having an electrical contractor who can assist with the design and build process will ensure the building is making the most of better, more educated electrical system choices.

Pro electricians can also help you develop a solid power failure prevention plan. Furthermore, they can set your office up with a power backup system. This way, you can reduce losses in the event of an outage.

The Green Building Advantage

According to a recent study, 33% of consumers favor eco-conscious and sustainable brands.

The study also pointed out that this equates to a $1.12 trillion-worth of brand opportunities.

Now, who wouldn’t want to tap into that kind of opportunity?

A good place to start is through reducing the use of fuel-consuming equipment. This can be your office’s space heating system (gas boiler or furnace). Other examples include heavy machinery (think forklifts in warehouses).

From here, you can make the switch to electric space heaters and equipment. This “electrification” reduces carbon footprint, while also helping you save on utility costs.

Another area of consideration is your office’s cooling and refrigeration devices.

In 2017, refrigeration was the biggest energy consumer in the commercial sector. Of the total electricity consumption back then, 14% went to refrigeration alone. Space cooling accounted for 10.6%.

So, where does hiring an electrician come into play in all this?

For starters, they’d help you choose a more energy-efficient HVAC system. They’d also ensure the equipment size is appropriate to the area that needs cooling. Of course, they’ll also take responsibility for the correct installation of the system.

There’s also no need for you to worry about going beyond budget. Veteran electricians have experience working on a wide range of budgets. That means they’ll find the best electrical solutions your business can afford.

Sustainable, Productivity-Increasing Retrofits

Over two-thirds of existing commercial buildings in the U.S. are already two decades old. Some are even older.

At the time of their construction, energy savings was still a minor concern.

If your office is in or one of these buildings, chances are, your electrical system is now outdated.

That means it won’t be long until it can no longer support high-powered devices. Continued operation of such equipment can result in your office experiencing power surges.

Lights that flicker on a regular basis are a sign of outdated electrical systems. The same goes true for discolored (especially scorched) wall outlets. Circuit breakers that trip every so often is another telling sign.

In case you experience all these, take them as a sign you need an electrician for hire. And not only for simple repairs but also for a complete retrofit job. Why?

For starters, because an electrical upgrade can prevent productivity loss from power surges. So much work can go down the drain because of computers powering off due to a tripping breaker.

In fact, one study found that a 5% decrease in output occurs due to electricity shortage. That number may seem small, but that’s still a complete waste of resources.

Why risk it if you can schedule a retrofit ASAP? The sooner you do, the less productivity loss issues you’ll worry about.

Better Building Management through Electrical System Maintenance

Outdated electrical systems also contributed to the 96,800 non-residential fires in 2016. In fact, electrical malfunction was the third-leading cause of fire-dollar loss that year. These incidents led to a whopping $207.8 million worth of losses.

This should be enough reason to ensure your office’s electrical system is in good condition. To do that though, you need the trained eye of professional electrical contractors.

You can rely on electrical contractors for system diagnostics, troubleshooting, repair, and servicing. They’re also the people you can turn to for problems with your electrical equipment. They also have comprehensive on-site facility maintenance services.

You should also consider preventative maintenance on your current electrical installations. This involves thorough inspections of all electrical components and proper torquing of connections. Preventive measures should also include the installation of fire alarm systems.

All these can help ensure you remain in compliance with building management standards.

Electrical Upgrades to Keep Abreast of the Latest Technology

From smartphones to flashlights to smartwatches, the list of USB-rechargeable devices goes on. They’re so convenient that they’ve given birth to USB wall outlets.

That’s right. Nowadays, you can now have USB ports installed right into walls. This can save space, while still costing less than a traditional outlet.

Plus, they open doors of opportunity for improved customer service. How so?

Consider this. Nine out of 10 smartphone users fear having their device run out of juice. It’s such a common feeling that there’s even a name for this “condition.”

Known as the “Low Battery Anxiety,” it strikes when the battery icon turns red. It leaves people in near-panic. Sometimes, this even forces them to spend money in a store only so they can charge their phones.

So, why not use this a chance to make your business stand out? Hire licensed electricians to install some of these wall USB ports in the office. Put up a sign that people are free to plug up their devices in them.

Keep in mind that 86% of buyers say they’d rather pay more for better customer experience. Preventing this so-called anxiety is one way to leave a good and lasting impression.

Besides, everyone in the workplace also benefits from these electrical upgrades. Remember, your employees may also suffer from this condition. That can then affect their productivity.

Productivity-Increasing, Energy-Efficient Lighting

As many as 68% of employees have complaints about their workplace’s lighting. After all, lack of lighting is a common culprit behind vision problems and headaches. It can even cause fatigue, not to mention hazards like slips, trips, and falls.

What’s even more shocking is that inadequate lighting can increase a person’s risk of depression.

All these are risks you don’t want anyone in the office to have. Not only because they can cause a severe decrease in productivity,┬ábut they can also lead to higher employee turnover and even legal liabilities.

Why put your people and business at risk if you can have the right amount and type of light at the office? Proper lighting can boost mood, improve concentration, and increase productivity.

One way to achieve this is through the installation of adjustable lighting systems.

These allow users to increase (or decrease) brightness depending on their needs. Their flexible features also make them great for people with light sensitivities.

Reliable electricians can even help you choose the right light color for productivity. Consider cooler light, which researchers found to help raise productivity.

You should also bring up the subject of upgrading to LED lights. LED lights can help you save as much as 75% on lighting-related energy costs. Their service life is also 25 times longer than their incandescent counterparts.

The Right Electrical Contractors Can Help Your Business Succeed

As you can see, electrical contractors play considerable roles in improving business operations. They can serve as an invaluable team member even before your business has an actual office.

Also, keep in mind that your business relies on electricity every single day. As such, professional electricians are integral to almost every aspect of your operations.

Ready to talk about your business’ electrical needs? If so, then please feel free to connect with us! We’ll answer every question and inquiry you have about how we can help your organization.

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