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Data  Cabling Team

from supervising complex communications systems installations to the installation and troubleshooting of industrial process controls

Greg Harmon Vice President Tele/Data
With over 33 years of experience in housing, construction, finance and property management Greg’s vast and diverse background serves as a tremendous asset to Capitol Data & Communications clients. His experience in commercial build-outs and commercial leasing helps him understand what a customer is going through during a move, relocation or expansion. That expertise gives Greg the ability to recognize each customer’s needs and recommend data and voice solutions ideally suited to any situation.
Peter BledsoeEstimator | Project Manager | Purchasing | Tele/Data
With over 27 years in the low voltage industry Peter has been in many different roles. From his diverse background as a repair service technician at a speaker manufacture, years as an Oregon licensed Limited Energy Technician for residential/commercial installations and work in procurement as a purchasing agent have granted him a wide body of knowledge. His experiences have carried over to help as a project manager and estimator for projects with a wide variety of legacy and emerging technologies.
Eric CerdenaEstimator | Project Manager | Purchasing | Tele/Data
Eric joined our data & communications division in 2015 and brings nearly three decades of network engineering and project management experience to the group. Eric’s extensive network engineering, and project management background has played a big role in landing and successfully completing some of the company’s largest and most profitable low voltage projects to date. Eric has proven to be a solid and valuable asset to our team.


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